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Explore a piece of local history tracing back to Godfrey Barnsley's storied beginnings before the Civil War. Carefully curated by Barnsley Historian and Museum Director Clent Coker, the museum's home is located within the kitchen house adjacent to the stately manor house ruins.  An extensive display of personal belongings from multiple generations of the Barnsley Family brings the colorful story to life, along with a display of Civil War artifacts.

As written about in Nashville Lifestyles magazine, "Request a tour of the resort’s museum given by Clent Coker, longtime Barnsley historian and an overall wealth of information. He will regale you with the true stories behind the family, their brawls, and their impact on the state of Georgia."

Learn more about this intriguing history in Clent Coker's lauded book, Barnsley Gardens at Woodlands: The Illustrious Dream.

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Daily | 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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